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Greetings, Bonjour, Hola, 

I am truly delighted that you are visiting my site and exploring some of my art work. Thank you.

By way of an introduction let me tell you a little about myself - New Zealander by birth, French through marriage and a Global Traveller through right of long years spent wandering the proverbial road. I have passed all of my adult life chasing dreams, jobs and love throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and South America. 

After a marvellously mad and meandering career in international communications working in global advertising agencies, running a small not-for-profit marketing consultancy and working for the UN in Geneva, I metamorphosed into a wife and full-time mother.

Midlife crises cliches of the dramatic tug-of-war between a return to corporate life and a follow-one's-passions and be a broke-but-happy artiste (with an 'e') were decided relatively simply following a rather dramatic health scare that urged me (with a carpe-diem-esque calling) to take a risk and concentrate on my twin passions of writing and drawing.

My artistic life is a sideways shuffle and a segue to a completely new focus and rhythm, and one where I am finding a deep (and unexpected) sense of flow and contentment. 

I am a self-taught artist, who found my true passion late in life
- now is the time to
throw myself into my art! 
— Alexandra


I have been blessed to have spent much time exploring the different cultures and peoples of far flung communities. 

Now I am trying to bring to life the peoples and stories from some of those places through my art - shining a spotlight on the elderly people and the rich and complex lives they have lived. 


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